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Mathematical Statistics Anniversary 2015, 12 May

Lund statistics – a century and more!

May 12, 1915, is a date to celebrate in the history of statistical science at Lund University. That very day the Chancellor of the Swedish universities appointed Fil Dr Sven Wicksell to be docent in Mathematical statistics. This makes Wicksell one of the world pioneers among academics in mathematical statistics, third only to Evgeny Slutsky in Kiev (lecturer in Mathematical statistics, 1913) and H.L.Reitz in Chicago (professor in Mathematical statistics, 1913). Sven Wicksell 1926 became professor of Statistics and was responsible for examination in statistics as well as in mathematical statistics.

To highlight the day, Mathematical statistics and the Department of statistics invite to an unpretentious birthday party on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Sölvegatan 18.

A century and more?

In Lund, statistics/mathematical statistics education had been given in political science since 1889 by the professor in Political science and statistics, Pontus Fahlbeck, and in astronomy since 1905 by the astronomy professor C.V.L Charlier. Both professors were strong personalities and they had very different opinions about statistics as a science – their roles in the development of statistical science in Lund will be one theme for the birthday party.

Program for 12 May


Georg Lindgren, "Fahlbeck vs. Charlier – Wicksell in the middle – in the early days of Lund statistics"

Jan Lanke, "Some comments on two disjoint time intervals: 1915-1939 (Wicksell’s statistical activities); 1959+ (personal recollections)"

15.00 -Coffee and birthday cake


Register for the Mathematical Statistics Anniversary on the link below. Last day for registration 7 May.

Prof. Sven Wicksell
Prof. Pontus Fahlbeck
Prof. C.V.L Charlier