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Öresund seminar


Tid: 2017-05-03 13:15 till: 17:45
Plats:Hörmander auditorium (MH:C)

Once per semester, the mathematical departments in Lund and Copenhagen organise a joint seminar in analysis. This spring's seminar takes place in Lund in the afternoon of Wednesday, May 3. 


13.15-14.05, Ai-Hua Fan (Université de Picardie Jules Verne), Topological Polynomial Wiener-Wintner Theorem

14.15-15.05, Jens Wittsten (Lund University),  Random perturbations of partially expanding maps on the torus 

15.45-16.35  Jesper Lykke Jacobsen (ENS and Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris),  Finite-size corrections for universal boundary entropy in bond percolation

16.45-17.35,  Wojciech De Roeck (KU Leuven),  Quasi-Localization, very slow heating, glassiness... in many-body physics

Registration is only necessary if you plan to attend the dinner in the evening. For more information, please visit the following page.