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Gårding prize lecture: "Hénon maps, ergodic theory and coexistence phenomena", Michael Benedicks (Uppsala/KTH)


Tid: 2020-02-05 15:30 till: 16:30
Plats: MH:Hörmander
Kontakt: erik [dot] wahlen [at] math [dot] lu [dot] se
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In this talk I will survey the development of the theory of Hénon maps. In particular I will explain the construction of "strange attractors"  (non periodic attractors),  for these maps with Lennart Carleson. Then I will decribe the ergodic theory, the existence of invariant measures for these maps, the so called Sinai-Bowen-Ruelle measures (work with Lai-Sang Young and Marcelo Viana). Finally I will mention the recent work on coexistence phenomena for Hénon maps with Liviana Palmisano: Strange attractors can coexist with periodic attractors and two strange attractors can coexist for a large set of parameters.