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Non-commutative Geometry and Applications

Non-commutative Geometry and Applications (NGA) is a research group at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Lund University created and lead by Docent Sergei Silvestrov since 2002. Starting from 2012, NGA group expanded its activities and organizational structure as it became a joint research group run in collaboration by the Centre of Mathematical Science in Lund University and the Division of Applied Mathematics at the School of Education, Culture and Communication at Mälardalen University. This expansion became possible since the group leader Sergei Silvestrov recently (since may 2011) became a Professor and subject Chair (Ämnesföreträdare) of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at Mälardalen University.

From September 2012 the group has joint leadership of Professor Sergei Silvestrov and Johan Öinert returning to Lund after postdoctoral stay abroad at Copenhagen University with support from the Swedish Research Council.

 Activities of the Non-commutative geometry and applications research group include

regular research and educational seminar in Lund University NANG seminar "Non-commutative Analysis, Non-commutative Geometry and Applications"

regular organization and participation in national and international conferences, workshops and schools on the subject and related topics

teaching and development of research courses

editorial responsibilities in international journals

supervision of PhD and master students in Lund University and Mälardalen University, active publication in international journals and proceedings

participation in and organization of several international and regional networks

systematic work on acquiring external research funding for its activities.


The NGA research group is involved in active exchange and cooperation within Öresund and Mälardalen regions, Nordic and European networks and other international and interdisciplinary cooperation.

The successful research of the group is reflected in growing flow of research publications with major international journals and publishers, several PhD students which received PhD within the group during last several years and the substantial international and national external funding acquired by the group for most of its activities during last several years.





The research within the Non-commutative geometry and applications group can roughly be divided into the following directions

operator algebras

non-commutative geometry

non-commutative algebra

interpolation theory and non-commutative integration,

non-commutative operator methods in wavelet analysis, dynamics and general actions

generalized Lie theory och deformation theory

symmetry analysis and applications

applications of these areas to quantum information and quantum computing, information analysis in information networks, Mathematical structures in energy and enviroment engineering modelling, symmetry analysis of quantum and nanophysics systems, non-commutative operator and matrix methods in control theory, in signal and image processing and in several other areas of engineering.