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Written Examinations in Mathematics, Faculty of Science

Registration for Written Examinations

Ordinary written examinations and resit examinations at the Department of Mathematics at Faculty of Science are anonymised since January 2016. This implies that students are required to register for scheduled written examinations via the Student Portal

Note that in order to be able to register for the examination you must be enrolled on the course. 

You will be assigned an anonymised assessment code, visible to the lecturer marking the examination and used when reporting your results. Note that you will be given the code at the examination by the invigilator.

Registration open for two weeks

The registration for written examinations opens three weeks before the examination and is open for two weeks

If you missed the opportunity to register, contact the student administrator at the department. You might then be able to attend the written examination, but you will not be able to do anonymously.

Procedure in brief

  • Register for the examination at the Student Portal.
  • Your anonymised assessment code is provided at the examination by the invigilator.
  • Write your anonymised assessment code and a personal identifier on each submitted sheet.
  • The examination will be marked anonymously.

Exam Registration at the Student Portal

  1. Log in to the Student Portal
  2. Click on "Exam, Degree and Career". Choose "Register for Exam"
  3. If you are registered on the course and there is an open exam registration, this will be visible to you. 
  4. Press "Register for the exam". You will see your registration at "Registered exams". Your anonymous code has now been generated and will be given to you at the exam by the invigilator.  

Student Administration

Mathematics, Science Faculty
+46 46-222 85 55
Office hours:
Monday and Tuesday 10.45-12.15, 13.15-14.30
Wednesday 10.45-12.15

Courses not offered any more

Do you want to take a written exam for a course that is not offered anymore? Register by this link.