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How to reach Lund


Here you can find a compact one-page list of directions, useful for printing purposes.

Additional info are below:

  • By flight:
    1. Flying to Copenhagen (Kastrup airport): this is the most convenient option. From Kastrup airport trains depart to Lund every 20 min (the journey takes about 35-55 min depending on border controls). Your destination will be Lund C. The train timetable to Lund C is available at the Skånetrafiken website.
    2. At the airport you can buy a train ticket by queuing at a dedicated line, or by using a ticket machine. In the latter case you must look for the type of machine that is specific for trains directed to Sweden, these are red and have clearly printed "trains to Sweden" over them (see this example). After selecting "Lund" as your destination, choose the option "Over the bridge" (as opposed to "via ferry"). These machines are quite visible at the airport's Arrivals.

    3. Flying to Malmö (Sturup airport). The connection to Lund is available via bus only (see below for taxi options). The bus company connecting Malmö airport with both Lund and Malmö is Flybbussarna. The journey to Lund C, which is in the city centre.

  • Taxi from Malmö airport: should a taxi be the preferred option to leave Malmö aiport, one of the main taxi companies charges about 435 SEK from Malmö Sturup airport to Lund. If heading directly to the Mathematics department, you may ask the driver to bring you to "Mathematikcentrum", or "F-huset", Sölvegatan 18, zip 22100, Lund.

  • By train:
    Lund has only one railway station, named Lund C. Please check for detailed info and timetable.


How to reach the Bayes@Lund venue

The conference venue is room MA7 located in the Annex building just in front of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (Matematikcentrum).

Once in Lund C you can reach the Centre for Mathematical Sciences:

  1. by taxi: ask the driver to bring you to Sölvegatan 20, zip 22362, Lund. See also the map below. 
  2. walking (max 20 min) by following the map.
  3. by bus from Lund C. Once outside of Lund C railway station, cross the street and take either bus number 6 or number 20, then get off at "LTH" and walk following this map. Alternatively take bus number 1 from Lund C and get off at "Professorsgatan" then walk according to this map. Detailed timetables are available here.